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Fishing Reports

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Howdy from Lake Cuyamaca! 

Dusty Britches here along with Silent Sam, Fog Horn-Leg Horn, Cuss, and Brutus. 

We have some visitors from out of town who want to try some of their bass fishing product line, mostly swim baits. Kotari Kake from Horaicho Tanabe City Wakayama, Japan. No joke! Their company, Gan Craft has been around for some time. They were very courteous and wanted to film some bass angling. Good to have them visit. 

Not much going on at the pond this week. Water temperatures are up and dissolved oxygen content is down. This makes the fish, especially the trout lethargic and not want to eat. Sorry, but the fishing has taken a downturn. The fish are out there, but not co-operating very much. The camping and other amenities seem to keep our 

San Diego County Record! visitors busy. Lots of Bar-b-q’s, tossing the football around in anticipation of the upcoming season, bicycling, hiking, and the like. 

This morning I went for a walk before coming in to work with my yellow labs, so I thought I’d share the story. We were headed back from the Merz house, which is just over the hill from us, where I picked up a dozen free range and natural eggs from Chris and George. I picked up a dozen yesterday, but one of my sons visited. Enough said! Do you remember that momentum and velocity usually overcomes mass. So, you need an adequate braking system when going at a fast rate of speed. Well. Hana is the female lab, younger, and still wants to chase everything that moves and half of what doesn’t. A small and unassuming rabbit popped out on the dirt road in front of us and just sat there almost tempting her to take up the chase. Hana had been pre-occupied sniffing something a coyote had left behind the night before, but then noticed the rabbit and the chase was on. First down the middle of the road, but then it didn’t last long as the rabbit took an 

Missy Hampton's fine catch!  immediate right hand turn and disappeared into the scrub oak instantly. The only part of Hana’s body that followed the rabbit was her head as she put on the brakes, and, in a cloud of dust, blew right on by the location that the rabbit made its departure; let’s say by about 10 to 15 feet. To save face she gathered herself and headed into the brush in haste to find that pesky critter. But to no avail, the rabbit had escaped! It’s all in the chase, I guess. 

Genevieve Joslin will be leaving the pond soon and has done a bang-up job taking care of our reservations. She is pursuing a calmer and quieter life without all the hustle and bustle. Happy Trails to Gen ! We wish you well. 

The restaurant is doing a great business with prime rib on the weekends, daily chicken-pot pies, and home baked apple and berry pies. Please stop by and try it out. Don’t say anything bad about the cook, or at least, not until after you have eaten! 

Average: 3 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Howdy from Lake Cuyamaca!


Dusty Britches here along with Silent Sam, Cuss Cussler, and Zipper.

We have had an interesting week here at the pond. Fishing report first.

Jamison Mersino of El Cajon reeled in a 12 pound rainbow trout off of the west shore finger jetty using a red and black plastic worm.

Kenny Love of Chula Vista included a 7 pound 4 ounce bow with his catch over on Fletcher Island using chunky cheese and a part of a night crawler.

D.Miller Jr. of San Diego brought in a 6 pound 8 ounce rainbow using night crawlers at Mike’s Place.

San Diego County Record!

Brad Voight of Chula Vista had a 15 pound 7 ounce stringer which included a 9 pound 7 ounce bow while trolling with a Thomas buoyant for 4 of them and the last one was caught while trolling with Potski’s salmon eggs.

Craig Richards included a 9 pound 8 ounce rainbow trout in his stringer while fishing green power bait along the dike area.

The warmer days are making for warmer waters. The temperature out on the Lake right now is between 75 and 80 degrees. If you follow our stocking schedule and plan to come up for fishing, please give us a call because, from this point on, fish plants will be subject to mother nature. If the Lake water is too warm, we won’t be able to stock and our vendors won’t deliver. We are getting some professional help with our carp issue, and it seems to really be working.

The folks who are visiting the Lake are a great bunch. They are respecting their neighbors. Night time fires are an issue right now. Some folks don’t understand the importance of a safe fire situation. We evaluate it every day, and by the middle of the afternoon, we usually make the call as to whether or not the campers can have a fire in the Community Campfire Pits. If we find traces of an illegal wood ground fire, there will be an automatic additional $200.00 assessed to your credit card.

Missy Hampton's fine catch!

Genevieve Joslin, who does our reservations (and does a damn fine job of it) will be leaving us around mid-July. If you know her, stop in and say hi before she says happy trails. It appears that Dolores Gomez wants to spruce up the deck area that overlooks the lake, so she has recruited Carol Sheppard to come up with some ideas. Bobby Morgan, Fog Horn-Leg Horn is being kept in the kitchen. And for good reason. I think I saw a poster somewhere with him on it. I’d better check the post office! The kitchen at the restaurant is slinging some good grub in healthy proportions.

Father’s Day was a hit up there. After this weekend we should have the electrical connected up at Lone Pine. Jay Blaylock will be updating the geo-cache route, so any geo-cache geeks can go for a spin around the Lake. Just an update on the San Diego 100 run that was held here last weekend. The winning time to do the course was 17 hours 9 minutes 28 seconds besting last year by almost 1 hour. Bob Shebest of Santa Rosa, CA.

It’s better to sit in a boat and think about God than to sit in a church and think about fishing! 

Average: 1 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

     MORENA: The bass action has been fair to good with some quality fish reported. The best bite has been on swim baits for bigger fish, but plastics, nightcrawlers, smaller reaction baits, and jigs have all be getting fish. Tommy Bossard, Jacumba, had a seven-pound bass on a swimbait, while Derek Boster, Spring Valley, landed bass at 6-2 and 3-5 on cranks. Some catfish showing on cut baits and this bite is improving with the warmer weather, but the bluegill, crappie, and carp bites are all still off. Information: 24-hour fishing update line 619-478-5473, ranger station 619-579-4101, or lakemorena.com.
     CUYAMACA: No report. Information: 760-765-0515 or www.lakecuyamaca.org.
     HENSHAW: No reports. Information: 760-782-3501. 

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